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A 48-hour EEG was inconclusive, and an MRI came back normal. His neurologist, an epilepsy specialist, put him on a medication called Keppra, which left him sluggish and nauseated. That is, during his few waking hours. He slept a 12-hour night and napped for four hours a dayand could sometimes sleep even longer if we didnt wake him. Meredith and I decided to go against our doctors orders and, under the supervision of my wifes pediatrician father, weaned Theo off the drug. But he was still enervated, and the seizures returned.

A writer’s life for me : Mental Health & Artists (1)

Maybe thats worth considering more for part two of this feature. It has often been suggested that writing can be a great help to those suffering with mental health problems, offering a safe and constructive outlet, despite the writing itself being a troubling read should you stumble across it three years later. Nevertheless, artistic acts have been said to be very therapeutic for those suffering through a time of mental turbulence.